Charles Jerome Desiderio

Front End Developer

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About Me

Who Am I?

I'm a husband, a father, a writer, a teacher and a web developer. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, currently living Austin, Texas

I'm a teacher turned Front End Developer with knowledge of back end development, who has a knack for simplifying complex problems and engineering efficient solutions. Driven by a desire to build a beautiful and dynamic internet.

After spending nearly a decade in China teaching English, it's time for a career change. Technology has been a passion of mine since childhood and I'd love for it to be the focus of my life going forward!

I'm a Graduate of General Assembly's Software Engineering Course and looking for full-time local, remote or freelance gigs!



PR Manager

PR Manager is a markdown editor designed to allow users to write beautiful and contentful pull requests for project repositories. This is a front end application built using React.




Talk@Me is a social media network focused on interacting with people in a language learning context. Users can create an account, choose their native and target language, and make posts in a specific language in a Twitter-like interface. Users can also like posts made by others, as well as leave comments. This is a full stack application, using React, Node.js, and MongoDB.




FarmStan is a full stack application that allows owners of stalls at farmers' markets to list their stall at a market of thsir choosing, add a list of available produce to allow users to have an easier shopping experience. Built as part of a group project with three other developers, this is a full stack application using React, Node.js, and MongoDB.




Designed as a way to keep track of individual sales to a list of clients, ProductTrakr is a Full Stack application that allows user registration, login, adding customer lists and tracking a history of customer orders.



A clone of the ever-popular Simon pattern matching game, styled to closely mimic the asthetic of the Super Nintendo console and games.

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