Charles Jerome Desiderio

Full Stack Developer


Who Am I?

I'm a husband, a father, a writer, a teacher and a web developer. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, currently living Austin, Texas.

I'm a teacher turned full stack developer, with a knack for simplifying complex problems and engineering efficient solutions. Driven by a desire to build a beautiful and dynamic internet.

After spending nearly a decade in China teaching English, it's time for a career change. Technology has been a passion of mine since childhood and I'd love for it to be the focus of my life going forward!

I'm a Graduate of General Assembly's Software Engineering Course and looking for full-time local, remote or freelance gigs!

What Can I Do?

What can't I do! ...okay, I know that's not very helpful. Here's a list of my major skills.

Tailwind CSS


Simon Clone

GA Project 1

This was our first project and was a relatively simple app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with jQuery. Simon is a simple pattern-matching game that needs no real explanation.

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GA Project 2

Our second project, and by this time we were working with developing server-side apps. Primarily coded with Javascript using Node.js and Express, with EJS for server-side content rendering.

This project is designed to allow a seller to keep a list of items that they have for sale, a list of customers to who they are selling items, and make records of client's purchase histories.

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Farm Stan

GA Project 3

Our third project, and our first group project. I was fortunate to collaborate with three amazing developers; Spencer Haugh, Aaron Luing and Dan Seiders. The server side was developed with Node.js and Express, using MongoDB for storage. The client side is rendered with React. My work on this project was primarily on the server side.

FarmStan allows a user to see local famers's markets, which farms are selling products at those markets, and which products are available. On the farm side, a seller can create a farm, chose the market they will be at, an list the produce they will be bringing.

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Talk @ Me

GA Capstone Project

My final project was written in Node.js and Express, using a MongoDB database, with React for the client side.

This is essentially, a social media app for people who are primarily interested in language exchange and practice. In addition to creating a profile and making posts, users can comment on and like others' posts. A user can also chose which language to make a post in, and filter which languages they see in their feed.

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